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R&J Simpson Engineering was started in 2006 by Bob Simpson. However, prior to this Bob has a rich history of involvement in the design, construction and running of racing cars across a range of motorsport formulas.

Brief Timeline –


Bob began his career at Motor Racing Stables, Brands Hatch prepping Formula Fords, Lotus 51’s and 61’s along with lifelong friend Gary Anderson.


Joined Brabham along with Gary as part of the production car team building Brabham BT40’s and BT41’s. Soon joined the F1 setup as a key member running Andrea De Adamich’s car.


Left Brabham to run Tony Brise in British and European F3 Championships, winning the John Player and Lambard North Central Championships.


Joined Tyrells as F1 mechanic and then moved to the development team for the 6-wheeler. While at Tyrells started Anson Racing with Gary Anderson who had remained at Brabham as Chief F1 Mechanic.

1976 - 1979

Left Tyrells to run Anson F3 Team after securing Unipart sponsorship. After successes with SA2 car funding dried up, but was subsequently approached by Broadspeed to build a F1 car. Unfortunately, this car never got past the development phase.

1980 - 1984

Rejoined with Gary Anderson, after his spell at Ensign, and decided to restart the Anson Racing Team in Tamworth producing production F3’s and Super V’s, followed by Group C cars. Once again, after almost cracking Raults dominance of the F3 series, lack of funds ending the Anson program.

1984 - 2006

Co-Started Simpson Packington Automotive (SPA) specialising in wings and soon after suspension parts for F1 including Jordan, BAR, Prost, Renault and Stewart. Success with rally car suspension pieces followed for Mitsibushi Rallart and Ford Motorsport. The company grew to include not just a fabrication and machine shop but also a full composite shop – SPA Composite – and SPA Design, which specialised in fire systems, mirrors, gauges and Penske shock absorbers.

2006 - Today

Left SPA along with a skilled and trusted workforce to go back to a more hands on approach working with and constructing cars as R&J Simpson Engineering.

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