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Experts in the bespoke manufacture of cars and components

for the current and historic motorsport industries



‘We were there manufacturing and running these cars when they were raced in period … today, when reconstructing them, we build upon this experience whilst using new technologies and modern-day understandings that we never had back then.’ 

                                                                                            Bob Simpson

R&J Simpson Engineering is considered as one of the most renowned and trusted motorsport engineering companies around today, with expertise specialising in the manufacture and restoration of historic racing cars. Their knowledge is founded upon a long involvement with the motorsport industry, coupled with an intimate understanding of race and road car manufacturing techniques gained through the hands-on production of these vehicles. Equipped with extensive and advanced fabrication and machine shops, they are able to manufacture high quality and bespoke cars and associated components to fulfil the demands of a broad range of clients. For a taster of R&J Simpson’s work a selection of recent builds can be seen in the projects section.



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R&J Simpson Engineering

Unit 3-4, Mariner,

Lichfield Road Industrial Estate,



B79 7UL / 01827 67898

R&J Simpson Engineering takes pride in understanding motorsport engineering and the way in which privacy is an integral part of this industry. With this in mind all projects are treated with the utmost confidentiality in order to ensure that the customer is confident and happy with the services being provided.   

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